Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Love this picture of my dad James S Lovell

When I think of my Dad I think of a older man. But this lets me see dad as a kid.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cook's and Churchill's.

Prince Edward Island is beautiful, very neat and clean
At the end of July and the first of August my wife and I and our son, Travis, had a great trip to New England and Canada. Each of us had our own agenda. Travis was there to take pictures, Linda's was to go to Prince Edward Island and Anna Green Gables, I am sure you can guess mine was to do family history.

I have been working on the Cook's and Churchill's as of late. It has been great to get to know them a little better. From the records I have found they came from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia so both of them were in our plans. Nova Scotia got the largest part of our time though.

The above left picture was taken in Lovell, Maine
where we received royal treatment

It is always hard for me to go to a new area and find what you are looking for and going to a new country made it even a little harder. The next problem was the time. We did not have enough of it. I knew we needed some help so I prayed about it and going to the Halifax Temple was a good place to start and I was not disappointed. As we went in the Temple there were very few people around. I soon found out that it took all the workers in the temple to make a session work. They were short on patrons. When the session was over people start to show up including the temple Pres. who had just the information I needed. We had a great visit with him after the session we where in. He gave us the name of people who could help. Our first stop was a lady who was of great help. She gave us the name of a member in Yarmouth. He had a lot of information that could turn into what we need. He told us the Churchills and the Cooks were some of the major names in the area. He also told us of many other things that could help. The lack of time was a problem.  

Travis took this self portrait on the deck of the ferry.
We did have fun on the ferry from nova Scotia to New Brunswick. It was a four hour trip. I can't believe how many cars and trucks they could put on the ferry. The water was a little rough but the trip was fun. We did see a dolphin on the way over.

We had a great time in Maine. There is a lot to see there. We followed the coast line and saw a lot of great sights.

We enjoyed seeing the ocean from many different views. Jim found a spot to just sit and relax.

Below is the bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. It is 8 miles long across the ocean. It was free to go over, but $45 to come back. Still, it was cheaper and took less time than taking the ferry from there to Nova Scotia.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jacob and Saarah Strong

Louis Neeley Sr

Louis Neeley is my 3rd great grandfatheron my Freeman Line

If you would like more on Louis click here

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

William Hyrum Standley's Family

This is the Family of William Hyrum and Elvira Jane Mooney Standley. I have been told that this was taken shortly before Elvira's Death. She was killed when a buggy rolled over on her.

I think I might have the two girls mixed up. The one on the left should be Emma Jane and the one on the right would be Mary Ann.

Mary Ann Standley

Emma Jane Standley

William James Standley

Charles Henry Standley
Born: 12 May 1894, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah
Died: 13 June 1957, Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho

Joseph Hyrum Standley
Born: 14 May 1896, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah
Died: 8 September 1961, Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, Idaho

Nephi Standley

Monday, November 23, 2009

James Marion and Mary Jerusha Mooney and Children

Mary Jerusha and James Marion was some of the first in both of their families to join the church in our family. They were baptized by Elder William Jefferson Packer (Boyd K. Packer's great uncle) and Elder Scott, I think around 1881 In Georgia. Mary's family was not too happy with their choice to join the LDS Church. In one letter I read from Thomas he said he had burned all the books about the church that James Marion had sent them.

They stayed in Georgia until about 1886 at which time they came to Utah. They went first to Spanish Fork and lived for several years where I think the rest of their 13 children were born. They left from there and went to Salem, UT where they lived for the rest of their life. Mary out lived all but 4 of her children.

Elvira Jane Mooney Standley
Born: 29 November 1868, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 7 October 1899, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah

James Jefferson Mooney
Born: 27 March 1870, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 30 November 1940, Payson, Utah County, Utah

Barbara Elizabeth Mooney Davis
Born: 28 October 1872, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 26 January 1934, Altonah, Duchesne County, Utah

Anna Amanda Mooney Thompson
Born: 29 December 1874, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 2 March 1902, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah

George Mack Mooney
Born: 30 August 1876, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 8 July 1928, Place unknown

Mary Frances Mooney Peel
Born: 21 July 1878, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 5 June 1898, Salem, Utah County, Utah

Marion Mooney
Born: 8 June 1881, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 15 June 1881, Place Unknown

Lucy Caroline Mooney Thompson
Born: 13 August 1882, Cove, Walker County, Georgia
Died: 4 December 1915, Altona, Duchesne County, Utah

William Walter Mooney
Born: 18 March 1884, Chatooga, Georgia
Died: 3 November 1918, Place Unknown

Thomas Joseph Mooney
Born: 14 July 1886, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia
Died: 1 October 1887, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah

Alice Jerusha Mooney Brown
Born: 23 December 1887, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah
Died: 12 October 1958, Maui, Hawaii

Jesse Mooney
Born: 12 February 1890, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah
Died: February 1892, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah

Martha Ellen Mooney Francom
Born: 21 April 1892, Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah
Died: 13 September 1934, Spanish Fork Utah County, Utah

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Could this be Elvira Jane Hanson

This is a picture of the old Mitzpah Methodist Church which Thomas Jefferson McClain helped build and preached in.

I also have this picture and wonder if this could possibly be Elvira Jane Hanson. It is an old tin type picture and I assume it could be about the same time as the one of Thomas Jefferson McClain. This picture was in my mother's possessions and at the time of her death, I inherited it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thomas Jefferson and Elvira Jane Hanson McClain Family

A person's life is told in a large part by his offspring. I have collected a lot of pictures of Thomas and Elvira's family over the years and would like to share them. I have not been able to get pictures of all of their children or Elvira, but I am happy with my collection so far. They are my third great grandparents.

His children are

1. Mary Jerusha McClain Mooney

This is a letter i receved about the missionary that baptized James Marion & Elvira Jane Mooney.
Amy said...

Thanks for your comment on Ancestor Files. How exciting to hear from a descendant of one of the converts from the mission. And you also served as a missionary in the area. What a wonderful experience. I always love to see pictures of the mission, if you have any you would like to send. Does your family lore include anything about the preacher Robert Edge?

I do not find any more references to Elders Packer or Scott in either volume of the Southern Star.

The Millennial Star from 1880 reports that Wm. J. Packer of Brigham City, Utah, had been called to the Southern States Mission. It also reports that Walter Scott of Provo, Utah, was called to serve in the Southern States.

A quick look at rootsweb shows that William Jefferson Packer was born in 1848 in Salt Lake City and died in 1905 in Safford, Arizona. He was a great-uncle of President Boyd K. Packer.

Walter Scott was born in 1853 in Provo, Utah, and died in 1914 in Provo. He had just married a second wife when he was called to the Southern States Mission.

If you are interested in the condition of the mission at the time, you might be interested in reading the theses I have listed in the posts.

By the way, what was the name of your g-g-grandmother?

April 29, 2009 6:19 AM


2. Barbara Ann McClain Branson

3. George Washington McClain (died before the age of 30)

4. James Thomas McClain

5. John Whitney McClain (died at an early age)

6. Amanda Elvira McClain Oliver

7. William Jesse McClain

8. Cicero Davis McClain

9. Lavinia Jane McClain (died before age of 30)

10. Adolphus Hume McClain (died at a young age)

11. Homer Hanson McClain

12. Lela McClain Carver

13. Alice McClain Lanham

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Early Lovell Family

This is a early picture of the Ririe area and the Lovell family. Those in the picture from left to right. Edmand Lovell, James William Lovell ( My Grandfather), George Hyrum Lovell, Jane Lovell, Josie Lovell, Leah Ellen Radford Lovell (my Great Grandmother), Leah Ann Lovell and her husband David Lovell. This was the homestead of the Lovell family. I am not sure where in Ririe it was in Ririe.
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